Scholarly Activities


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Invited Panels & Workshops

“Jane, Universally Acknowledged: Austen Fandom in the 21st Century.”
November 7, 2020
Invited panelist for Pride & Prejudice & Zoom: A Virtual Jane Austen Mini-fest at the Glendale Public Library
Watch recording on Youtube


“Teaching HyFlex: Insights as Instructors, Designers, and Learners”
May 11, 2021
LOEX Annual Conference (Lead presenter)

“Col. Mustard, in the Library, with Learning Analytics: The Student Data Privacy Game”
April 14, 2021
ACRL Conference (Co-presenter)

“Other Duties as Assigned: Accessibility in Libraries”
November 13, 2020
OK-ACRL Annual Conference (Co-presenter)

“Information (Lite)racy: Bite-sized Instruction and Elevator Pitches”
August 7, 2020
unCOILed Annual Summer Workshop (Conference Organizer and MC)

“Promoting Justice in the Credit Classroom through Open Pedagogy”
2020 (Canceled due to COVID-19)
Library Instruction West

“Trading Surveillance for Care: Ethical Learning Analytics in OER”
2020 (Canceled due to COVID-19)
OER Annual Conferene

“Promoting Justice and Civic Engagement in the Credit Classroom through Open Educational Practices”
2020 (Canceled due to COVID-19)
OER Annual Conference

“Developing an Actionable Value System”
July 12, 2019
unCOILed Summer Workshop (Lead presenter)

“Spurring Student Action through ‘Info Environmentalism’ in the Classroom”
May 11, 2019
LOEX Conference (Lightning Talk)
View presentation on Google Slides

“Scaffolding Information Literacy and Critical Pedagogy in the First Year”
February 12, 2018
37th Annual Conference on the First Year Experience (Poster Presentation)
View PDF of poster
Critical Pedagogy handout
Information Literacy in FYE handout

“Intentionally Disruptive: Developing and Delivering a Critical Information Literacy Course”
November 10, 2017
OK-ACRL Conference (Lead Presenter)
View presentation slides

“Down with Databases and Dead Eyes: Reimagining First-Year College Student Instruction for Real Life”
October 25, 2017
Kansas Library Association Conference (Co-presenter)
View presentation slides

“Hunting for Student Success: Designing a Mobile-Enabled Scavenger Hunt for First Year Seminars”
March 23, 2017
ACRL Conference (Poster Presentation)
View PDF of poster
View research & further reading
View activity questions & answers
View learning outcomes and questions map

“Redesigning the Library Scavenger Hunt”
February 12, 2017
36th Annual Conference on the First Year Experience (Presenter)
View PDF of FYE presentation slides
View list of references and further reading
View scavenger hunt question and answers
View Outcomes and Framework map

“Knowing the Lay of the Land: First-Year Course Programmatic Assessment Creates Benchmarking of Student Information Literacy Skills”
June 10, 2016
Library Instruction West Conference (Co-presenter)

“You’re Only a Secondary Character if You Let Yourself Be: Rewriting Lydia Bennet in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries”
March 24, 2016
Pop Culture Association Conference (Co-presenter)

“Teaching Strategic Searching Practices in Discovery Systems”
June 28, 2015
ALA Annual Conference (Lightning Talk)
View PDF of ALA Annual presentation slides

“Using Concept Maps to Teach Information Literacy”
October 24, 2014
ACRL-NW Conference (Lightning Talk)
View PDF of ACRL-NW presentation slides

“Information Literacy Skills Assessment for WSU Lower Undergraduates”
March 28, 2014
Academic Showcase at Washington State University (Co-presenter)
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