Current outreach project: “What is your favorite book?” display

In honor of national “Read a Book Day” that happened on Sept 6, another librarian and I put together a display of books loved by our students and faculty/staff.

Favorite Books Display

Several weeks ago, during Week of Welcome, we put out some blank sheets of paper, a collection box, and a sign that asked, “What’s your favorite book?” In about 3 days, we collection 54 responses. Then, I went through our collections and pulled copies of a select number of the ones we owned for display. Finally, using a table in our Atrium, myself and another librarian set up the books along with the responses we received. I also included a take-away handout that listed all the books suggested and their library locations.

I was planning on leaving it at just that, until we realized that seeing the display might prompt others to want to share their favorite books with us, so we drug a movable white board out from one of the study areas, planted it next to the display, and wrote across the top, “What is your favorite book?” That was on Tuesday, late morning. Today, as of noon, that beautiful, inspiring white board looked like this:

White board books

And every time I walk past it, I stop to see what our students our reading. What books stick with them. Which ones people are commenting on–because now short conversations have cropped around around some titles. And I am just filled with happiness. I never want to take it down.

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