Strategic searching, the Framework, and concept maps: Annual 2015 presentation resources

I delivered a presentation during the RSS Discussion Forum at ALA that focused on teaching strategic searching practices in discovery systems, using concept maps as an example of a tool that could be employed. The slides for that presentation can be found on my Portfolio page under “Presentations”.

I consulted a number of different resources while designing the presentation and digging into the themes. Those are organized here for anyone who may wish to explore these concepts further:

On concept maps:

“Novak, J. D. & A. J. Cañas, The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them, Technical Report IHMC CmapTools 2006-01 Rev 01-2008, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, 2008, available at:

On discovery systems:

Cmor, D. and Li, X. (2012) “Beyond Boolean, Towards Thinking: Discovery Systems and Information Literacy.” Proceedings of the IATUL Conferences. Paper 7.

Hanrath, S. and Kottman, M. (2015) Use and Usability of a Discovery Tool in an Academic Library, Journal of Web Librarianship, 9(1), 1-21, doi: 10.1080/19322909.2014.983259

Kornblau, A.I., Strudwick, J. and Miller, W. (2012) “How Web-Scale Discovery Changes the Conversation: The Questions Librarian Should Ask Themselves.” College & Undergraduate Libraries 19(2–4):144–62.

Lundrigan, C., Manuel, K., and Yan, M. (2015) “‘Pretty Rad’: Explorations in User Satisfaction with a Discovery Layer at Ryerson University.” College and Research Libraries, 76(1), 43-62. doi:10.5860/crl.76.1.43

Novak, J. D. & A. J. Cañas. (2008) “The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them.” Technical Report IHMC CmapTools.

Stohn, Christine. Ex Libris Group. (2015) How Do Users Search and Discover?.

ACRL Framework:

Framework for Information Literacy

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